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About US-
JRS Engineering

JRS Engineering and Design is a Long Beach veteran owned local business run by husband and wife team Jeff and Rachel Schaefer. Jeff and Rachel live near Retro Row in Long Beach and do most projects at home in the LBC! After an early life crisis Jeff and Rachel built and lived in a tiny house. As a result Jeff and Rachel are both are passionate about small space design, minimalist and personal design and thus enjoy ADUs projects and old home remodels where space can be limited. 

We care about designing beautiful functional spaces and making the engineering work for the design and not the other way around! 


Staff Members

Jeff Headshot.jpg


Jeff is an Air Force Veteran with a Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Washington. During his time in the military, he has designed and managed a wide-array of construction projects all over the world. Licensed (as a P.E.) in both California and Colorado, Jeff has extensive experience with steel, concrete and wood-framed projects in both commercial and residential settings. He has taught structural engineering at the Air Force Academy (his Alma Mater) and is adapt at translating technical content into layman’s terms for his clients. He firmly believes a design is only as good as it can be understood by both the owner and the builder.

Aside from being an engineer, he loves getting his hands dirty through frequent construction projects of his own. In his free time Jeff enjoys, kiteboarding, surfing and trail running. He has fosters dogs for local Long Beach animal rescue Sparky and the Gang.  

Rahel 3.jpg

Rachel she/Her

Also an Air Force veteran, Rachel completed her undergrad at the Air Force Academy where she met Jeff. After graduating Rachel completed Air Force Pilot training in Texas and flew for the Air Force for three years. She transitioned in to program management, and separated from the Air Force in 2023. Rachel does drafting, design and business management for JRS Engineering and Design. Rachel is passionate about functional small space design. 


In her free time Rachel is taking classes to begin flying again. She also surfs, kite boards, makes cocktails and tries to ride her bike instead of driving. Along with Jeff, Rachel teaches a weekly Acro Yoga class at Long Beach Rising rock climbing gym downtown.

Tiny House Rear View.heic
Tiny Houes 3.JPG

Jeff and Rachel's Tiny House


Company awards

office dog of the year 

Jeff and Rachel have been fostering dogs since 2020 and have fostered over 25 dogs. While our foster dogs may only have a short stay with us, they are family, and for that time part of the company! Office dog of the year is the most competitive award at JRS Engineering and Design. Some years up to 10 dogs compete for this prestigious title. Special thanks to Sparky and the Gang for all of their work with the community, running adoptions and allowing us to foster such great dogs. 



2021- Winston

IMG_6643 (1).jpg

2022- Maude

IMG_0617 (1).jpg

2023- Tasmanian

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