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Custom Home Design 

Modern Design Home

Nothing is more exciting than custom home designs and all the personality they entail. We understand most custom home designs push the construction envelope of what’s possible: floating staircases, dramatic cantilevered decks, rooftop pools and elegant walls of glass. Behind all these stunning features are complex structural elements doing their work in the shadows or sometimes in plain sight (think exposed heavy timber beams for a mountain chateau or coated steel beams for an industrial manor). We work with your design to make your dreams become a seamless reality.  


We also take pride in solving challenging site conditions whether that be an oddly-sliced lot requiring a specific floor plan or a hillside home needing a unique foundation. If you found a location you love, but the lot is irregular, give us a call. We can guide you through development setbacks and provide various ideas for how to configure your dream home on the lot. Depending on the site conditions, we may recommend (and local code will require) a geotechnical report also known as a soils report. This vital assessment will inform us how stable and strong the soil is and how it may react to seismic activity.  

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