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Home Addition, Remodel or Adding a Second Story 

Grey House

Once you’ve made the exciting decision to embark on an extensive home remodel or creating an addition, the next step should be acquiring an engineering planning assessment. Whatever dreams you have for your home are likely possible, but you might want to know the oftentimes unglamorous structural improvements your project may require. That way you can avoid costly surprises arising midway through the project that may force your budget to scale down the fun aspects you have been dreaming about. Additionally, by bringing us into the planning phase early, we can incorporate any needed engineering into the design so the finished project looks cohesive and complete. Nobody wants an unsightly placed column to remind them of overlooked requirements. 


We conduct home consultations to walk through your project and layout the code and building requirements your project’s vision will need to consider. For example, if you are wanting to establish a rooftop deck, we can let you know if your roof system can handle the additional weight of your ribbon-cutting soiree (fingers-crossed) or if you will need to reinforce the roof joists or trusses first. If structural improvements are needed, we can then help you determine how they will affect your budget. We can also provide alternative solutions to create that amazing space you are picturing but with either less or more cleverly concealed structural work. 


After the planning phase is complete, we will provide you with stamped design documents that you can use to secure your building permit. Throughout the permitting process, we can help answer any building official’s questions on your behalf and take the legwork off your hands. Once construction begins, we can stay on board for the duration of the project coordinating with your contractor and ensuring everything is built professionally and according to the plans. At the end of the day, we want your project to be a success. We can scale our services to meet your needs and help make that happen. 

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