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Load Bearing Wall Determination and Removal 

Building a House

There are two categories of walls: load bearing and non-load bearing. As their names suggest, the former walls are required to support the structure, whether that be floors above or the roof, while the latter walls exist only to physically divide space. As a result, non-load bearing walls can be removed without needing any structural alterations. These are the type of walls you hope to deal with during your remodel as they make for inexpensive demolition. Load bearing walls, on the other hand, are like that last Jenga piece that can’t be removed without everything above shifting and/or collapsing.  


This does not mean load-bearing walls can’t be removed, but rather that the load above must be supported by another means first. Most often we can accomplish this by installing a beam and a few posts. Determining which wall type you’re dealing with can be challenging to the untrained eye. We can assist you by analyzing your home’s framing from the attic or peeking into a small hole in the ceiling (usually by way of a light fixture and rarely by making a new hole). 

If we conclude that the wall is load bearing, we can assist in designing an alternate load path so that you can remove the wall and open up your living space. If the project reaches that point, we can discuss all the factors that may influence the design such as material type, cost, ease of construction, head height implications and other functionality considerations. Ultimately, we want to provide you with the best design for your space’s specific use while also meeting your budget. 

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