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Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Design and Tiny Homes 

Tiny House.jpg

Recent legislation was passed in California to ease the permitting process and zoning restrictions on placing a second living unit on a residential property (accessory dwelling unit). As a result, many home owners are seeking to construct a backyard cottage, also known as a granny flat, or converting an underutilized garage into a second living space. ADUs can be an excellent source of income to offset a mortgage or provide cash flow in retirement. We are passionate about optimizing small spaces and assisting homeowners in adding value to their property while simultaneously advancing affordable housing within our community. We can provide stamped plans and help you navigate the ADU permitting process whether you are converting a garage or building from scratch. Throughout the process, we will offer material and design options that will yield a beautiful ADU while being keenly aware of your budget and style. 

House in the Countryside
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