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senate Bill 721(SB-721)
       Deck inspections

California Senate Bill 721 (SB-721) requires owners of multi-family dwellings with three or more units and balconies over 6 feet above the ground to acquire an inspection of exterior elevated elements and associated waterproofing elements, as defined, including decks and balconies.


The bill requires the inspections, including any necessary testing, to be completed by January 1, 2025 and requires subsequent inspections every 6 years, except as specified. The bill in its entirety can be found at the California state website here. 

The best way to get a quote for a SB-721 inspection is to email us at In your email if possible please include the complex name (if applicable), address, and how many units and balconies the property contains.   

Another Senate Bill (SB-326) passed in 2019 requires a similar inspection but is focused on condominiums. We DO NOT preform SB-326 inspections, only inspections for SB-721. 

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